A Self Bondage Project!

Hey everyone…I’m back! I’ve sadly had to redo my user setup some, as I had plenty of spam users signing up here. As a result, all user accounts have been obliterated, and new anti-spam measures added.

On to the more fun stuff: A project I want to undertake. I’m thinking of making a PHP based website that is essentially a automated master/mistress, with the option to allow other people to tell you what to do. Briefly outlined, here’s the idea:

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A self bondage story, and hello!

Why not start out this blog with a story of one of my self-bondage….escapades:

Basically, I’m someone who loves the idea of being caught, or doing this stuff right next to someplace where it’s little expected. So it should surprise no one that I began my little adventure in a risky way: I packed up all of my stuff into a bag and drove in to work. Now, keep in mind, my bag had in it handcuffs, leather cuffs, a harness ballgag, tape, clover clamp sets (plural), an estim box (with matching dildo, plug and pads), a riding crop and a vibrator…in addition to some clothes. So just getting a peek in my bag would have been less than ideal.

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